In order to facilitate the users to download the use of our company monitoring software, special in some sections of the IDRS related video surveillance software, including digital monitoring system of the circulation version of the local monitoring software, digital hard disk recorder network client remote monitoring software, IDRS distributed network centralized management software (central server software, video workstation software, network client software), video file playing software. Welcome new and old users download the use of.
NameSizeTypeUpload timeOperation
Wifi Auto Download Software6.55Mrar2018-07-02 Download
2018 New Player12.8Mrar2018-04-13 Download
2017 new client software18.1Mrar2017-09-01 Download
AHD SD DVR Manual4.83Mdoc2017-01-03 Download
AHD HDD DVR Manual4.46Mdoc2017-01-03 Download
AHD DVR Video75.2Mzip2016-11-03 Download
Fall Video44.6MMOV2016-10-19 Download
Download Description: for the protection of copyright and to prevent theft, the above software and instructions are added to extract passwords, download the company's technical department to obtain a password.
Technology Department phone: 010-062975599 to 226, 227, 228